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  • Let the specialists take care of IT | Outsource

    A common misconception with IT leads everyone to believe it’s only one thing. Many people consider an IT problem like a car problem – take it to the mechanic, they’ll know how to fix it. IT is more like the human body than a car – if something goes wrong, you want a specialist to … Continue reading Let the specialists take care of IT | Outsource

  • IT Drives your business – Do IT well

    IT is the lifeblood of any modern business. It may not seem that way, but consider these pieces of food for thought: -How would you manage without emails for a day? -What about going without phones? -What if the Sales department can’t access SalesForce or any other CRM? -What if the Finance department can’t access … Continue reading IT Drives your business – Do IT well

  • Cyber Security Made Easy

    NHS hacks. British Airways going down. Yahoo personal data Hacks. All these are signs that too few people are taking IT seriously.

  • New intelligent services light up Office Apps

    Last month, Microsoft’s Ignite Conference rolled out exciting new updates across Office 365. They are all designed to help IT professionals drive digital transformations throughout their companies and all the talk was of new intelligent cloud services.