Loxone Smart Home Automation

The LOXONE SMART HOME AUTOMATION gives the owner full control of every device or task using a wall-switch, phone or tablet. Control and automate areas such as lighting, climate, security, audio/video, shading, even pool and irrigation systems.


We asked one of our engineers, Andy, to spend a couple of weeks with the Loxone at his own home. Here is his review:

While Loxone (click here) sounded exciting before we had it set up at home, the system also sounded a bit intimidating. But once everything is set up, you realise the time and hassle you can save in the average day. The smart device allows you to link your heating, lighting, blinds, security and even music to one controlled system. The smarthome tool senses when you are entering a room at a set time and automatically raises or lowers blinds, playing music or whatever you want. It really has felt a bit like living in the future. Maybe it takes some getting used to but if you were to ask me if I would like to go back to a normal home, I think I wouldn’t. Loxone makes being at home more relaxing.

Being able to set temperatures around the house to a specific temperature per room has really been useful. We definitely wanted it hotter in the bedroom and colder in the kitchen. All too often before we got the system, we would be comfortable in one room of the house but not in another. We are looking forward to getting our first utility bill to see exactly how much we have saved with the smart heating system. Mainly this is because when you aren’t in a room, you are not using the heating. They say we could save up to £400 but to be honest anything over £100 would be great.

We’d thought about systems which control lighting around the house before but being able to control so many things simply through a smartphone app made this worth it. We’ve encountered a couple of glitches since using it but nothing that hasn’t been sorted in a few minutes. Comparing Loxone to other systems, for what it gives you, it’s a relatively reliable system. It’s quite discreet as well and you wouldn’t know the system is in place until the automation kicks in when you aren’t expecting it. We have managed to spook quite a few guests already.

We spent many of the first few days with Loxone getting our heads around the system. In spite of that, once everything is set up correctly, I’d say 95 per cent of it is automated. Their helpdesk is very knowledgable with questions etc as well. It wouldn’t be surprising if the vast majority of homes function this way in the future. It is something I want to use.

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