New intelligent services light up Office Apps

Last month, Microsoft’s Ignite Conference rolled out exciting new updates across Office 365. They are all designed to help IT professionals drive digital transformations throughout their companies and all the talk was of new intelligent cloud services. Furthermore, these new services are for our old favourites Word, Excel and PowerPoint, improving on Office 365’s security functions, communication features and team collaboration.


In July, Microsoft unleashed a series of new intelligent cloud-powered services in Office apps. Microsoft designed these apps to save the user time and give better results. Not content to rest on their laurels, they’ve not just produced more of the same, moreover they’ve produced it better.

Tap for Word and Outlook

Easily locate and use your content without leaving the file or document you’re editing. The Microsoft Graph powers Tap and surfaces frequently used documents, presentations and spreadsheets. In fact, all you need to do to seamlessly add items is simply click to add these elements. These include graphs, charts, text, slides, or graphics. All aspects of your files remain intact. Therefore, it easily allows you to change colours, edit text, add trendlines and much much more.

QuickStarter for Sway and PowerPoint

Need help defeating the blank canvas? QuickStarter is remaking the creative process. Bing Knowledge Graph powers QuickStarter and will help Sway and PowerPoint users kick off the creative process. It carefully chooses outlines for any topic, supplies recommendations on potential information to include, what categories to consider and provides related images tagged with Creative Commons licenses, thus making it easier than ever.

Transform text with Designer

Building upon recent Designer updates that included facial detections and colour extraction, it’s certainly even easier to build gorgeous designs for more types of slides. Designer in PowerPoint now recommends professional design options for bulleted process lists.

Transform data into Maps in Excel

Powered by Bing Maps, Maps in Excel allows users to turn geographical data into professional imagery. In just a few simple steps, visualisations that would have previously required a lot of technical know-how or expensive external apps are now at your fingertips.

Microsoft MyAnalytics

Establish better work practises with Microsoft MyAnalytics, giving insights into how you spend your work time. It allows you to set better productivity goals and monitor your progress over time whether it be at work, during meetings, on email, during focus time or even working from home. All this data enables you to make better work decisions.


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