Home Automation in the Office

Since 2010, home automation devices and services have flourished across the global tech marketplaces. Its possibilities seem endless -to controlling the temperature of your bedroom, to the time that your cat gets fed.

But what is the value of these ‘Internet of Things’ methods to businesses? Can a small business benefit from home automation improvements or is it just a phase the industry is going through?

Each service and endpoint device relies on simple logic. If something happens, do something else. In fact, one of the pioneering platforms for this form of online interaction is in its name – ifttt.com – If This Then That.

Access to services and logic by devices relies on those services having a trigger and an action. In turn, an API (application programming interface) gives access to these on both sides of the setup.

So how can employees use this approach, or in an office environment?

Perhaps you want to tell Spotify to play a motivating playlist when it detects a calendar event within Office 365. The trigger here is the calendar event time and date with the action being ‘play playlist’. The Office 365 API is accessed for the calendar event time and date and the Spotify API for the “play playlist” action. The services will get queued up and all you need to do is grab your phone and head to work.

Maybe your office has Phillips Hue lighting to aid the atmosphere for your staff; a calming blue to aid concentration in DevOps, or a warm yellow to help prevent SAD in your teams. An IoT thermostat can detect a rise or fall in temperature. This tells Phillips Hue to change the colour and strength of the lighting in an room or space.

Why not decrease your management time overhead by receiving an alert on your mobile device every time a member of your team submits a call to our helpdesk? Get better visibility of internal operations wherever you are!

As Loxone Automation Partners, Aquilatec can help you control your office or your home from any device or any web service with an API. Many devices, services, ‘recipes’ and ‘applets’ are out there and we can assist you with finding out all about what is possible and what makes a strong business case. Learn more at aquilamate.co.uk.