Security and Disaster Recovery

At Aquilatec, we recognise that your data is the cornerstone of your business. 90% of companies who suffer significant data loss shut down within two years. Therefore we take our client’s disaster recovery as seriously as our own.

Security and Disaster Recovery Illustration

Aquilatec Managed Antivirus (AMAV)

BitDefender powers our managed antivirus is powered. BitDefender is widely recognised as the best enterprise virus blocking solution. This disaster recovery solution updates every few hours (in the background, don’t worry about pop-ups). Therefore you’ve ensured the most up to date virus libraries are available. Because of this, you and your systems are as safe as possible.

As we manage this resource, we will be alerted immediately upon a threat being detected. This means our IT engineers can jump into action on disaster recovery should it be required. We more often than not detect issues before our clients do. You can know you’re in safe hands even when you’re unaware of a threat.

Aquilatec Managed Online Backup (AMOB)

Our managed online backup service does exactly what it says on the tin – backs up a Server and/or desktops to an online cloud location. This means that should anything go wrong with your local resources, your company data will be safe.

As little as 5 years ago, should a fire break out in your business premises, the chances were your data was up in smoke. Unless you’d remembered to carry a backup tape off-site. Our advanced monitoring solution independently checks that backup jobs have completed. Our engineers are alerted there’s a problem if the backup fails. Your data is protected, so you can have confidence once it’s setup.

Web Protect (WP)

Aquilatec’s Web Protect service performs several tasks; it checks every site a user tries to visit and references these against a list of constantly updated categories so acts as a pre-emptive strike against malicious attacks by blocking users from visiting any sites which may (unbeknownst to them) harbour threats. This also prevents users accessing inappropriate sites from their company machine, and provides reports on internet usage.

We think of WP as “The Bouncer”, it stops anyone from gaining access at the door. This blocks any flagged sites in the extensive library of untrustworthy sites from user access. This has shown time and time again to be the most effective way of preventing security breaches.

We regularly receive questions about RamsomeWare and CryptoLocking, and our first piece of advice is get Web Protect. We see regular crypto attacks thwarted by Web Protect. Most commonly these are against companies with high-value data files such as financial data or large image/rendering files. Web Protects stops these attacks at the door by preventing the exchange of encryption keys between the attacker and your computer. Therefore your data as safe as you need it to be.

Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS)

EMS is a suite of products from Microsoft, designed for companies who put a high value on the protection of data from both theft and accidental human error. It is tailored specifically for organisations who find their staff commonly on the move.

EMS acts to keep company data locked down to specific, pre-designated apps, whatever platform you use them on. This means that documents containing sensitive company information such as finance or customer data can be compartmentalised within company apps, and not transferred outside of the organisation. This works by locking down data so that is cannot be copied out of these designated apps, so nothing can be copy and pasted or duplicated in any other way. Data protection rules can also prevent company documents from being emailed outside of the organisation. This goes a long way to encouraging user safety, and is used most commonly by businesses with remote workers or those who travel frequently.