Cyber Security Made Easy

NHS hacks. British Airways going down. Yahoo personal data Hacks. All these are signs that too few people are taking IT seriously.

The internet is becoming a more dangerous playground on a daily basis. Therefore Cyber Security experts have called for more stringent standards to be applied across all industries.

At Aquilatec we insist on our clients subscribing to what we consider to be a “bare minimum” of IT security by going through a number of simple measures. Because those working in IT may take some of these actions for granted. Therefore basic operations go ignored despite the solution being as simple as reassessing the networks security threats and solutions.


Here is our quick guide on how to make sure your business stays safe in the online world.

What should companies consider?

– Companies should opt out of open Wi-Fi networks and should consider user authentication methods instead. This prevents any one ‘stranger’ from accessing sensitive data, or the risk of hacking activity on your network.

– Data should be secured behind correctly configured firewalls to block any potential threats and malware.

Patching ensures operating systems and applications remain updated and can help keep them resistant against malware. However, users rarely agree to pause their workflows to restart their machines following the install (sounds simple right?)

By choosing to explore network security options, companies are adapting to a tech age thriving on change and progress. Aquilatec is one IT services company that exists to help organisations secure their networks and data via:

– Automated designated patching at more convenient times

– Cyber Ready program manages patches continually.

– Managed AntiVirus prevents any malicious activity from seeping through the cracks as Aquilatec centrally manages the activity to immediately tackle the problem.

Web Protect monitors internet usage as well as blocking unwanted website categories from being accessed.

–Providing a range of simple managed backup solutions. These can be used to restore data in case of loss or ransom.

Securing and managing sensitive networks doesn’t have to be hard, it just needs to be efficient. Security Services provided by Aquilatec do just that and more. Therefore, you may also want to consider our Cyber Essentials services.

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