IT Drives your business – Do IT well

IT is the lifeblood of any modern business.

IT security

It may not seem that way, but consider these pieces of food for thought:

-How would you manage without emails for a day?

-What about going without phones?

-What if the Sales department can’t access SalesForce or any other CRM?

-What if the Finance department can’t access Sage or any other accounts / payroll package?

-What if a fire strikes one evening and toasts the company server? Can the business still work the next day without it’s data?

-Worst case scenario – what if (heaven forbid) the internet goes down and you can’t watch adorable cat videos at lunch?

All of these are wholly dependent on IT. Not just base IT, but prepared and thought out IT.

Our services

At Aquilatec we have been providing IT servicing to some of our clients for over 10 years. Many of them have never suffered downtime. Think about that. All the time spent with serious issues negatively affecting productivity, the vast majority of which our clients have not had to suffer. That’s one of the reasons why our client retention rate is greater than 99%.

Being prepared is nine tenths of the battle. Our clients enjoy a rich suite of options to ensure all of the above points are covered, as well as facilities to encompass the increasingly dangerous online world. Check our Services list for a full view.