Cyber Essentials – The Rundown

What is Cyber Essentials?

The long and short of it? A simple Cyber Essentials definition would be that it’s an IT security examination set by the UK Government. At Aquilatec we are here to help you revise so that you can pass and get certified.

Cyber Essentials is a scheme put in place by the UK Government to ensure that all companies are subscribing to a minimum recommended level of IT security, in order to protect both the companies themselves and their customers/clients.

Similar to the IASME Standard (Information Assurance for Small and Medium Enterprises) and operated by an IASME body, a certification demonstrates a company to be security conscious by taking the necessary steps to ensure the security of your customer data. Conducting the Cyber Essentials overview helps implement the most fundamental level of company wide security measures within your organisation.

Should your business be looking to tender for certain government contracts, you will need to have either CE or CE Plus certification in order to bid for them. The UK Government aims to get all businesses certified to a C.E. level to keep them and their customers safe online.

The UK Minister for Digital & Culture announced in May: All firms which rely on the Internet should have Cyber Essentials – as a minimum

Aquilatec’s Cyber Ready Program gives you an overview of key policies, procedures, and potential red flags for your IT system security, with our recommendations on how to make sure you pass this year, next year and every year after. Our Cyber Essentials specialists will run extensive tests on your company’s IT infrastructure. Then we offer advice on how to cover and gaps which may prevent you from passing first time.

Aquilatec’s Cyber Ready includes:

On-site analysis of core IT systems and policies with a consultant who has experience in getting companies ready to pass Cyber Essentials

Follow-up recommendations that need to be put in place before the Cyber Essentials test is taken

Help in filling out the CE questionnaire when your organisation is ready to be tested

Access to the CE test itself

Certification – with our extensive solutions we can make sure you are ready to get certified.

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