Live SystemCare

Here at Aquilatec, we recognise that IT should just work.

Our unique Live SystemCare Monitoring allows us to see any issues that may affect your system as they happen. This means our highly specialised team of Engineers can detect resolve up to 70% of issues. Before they affect your system, your employees or your work, keeping your business running better, for longer.

Live Systemcare saves our clients huge amounts of avoided downtime, by being proactive instead of reactive. Our team canremotely react far faster than an on-site IT representative by simultaneously tracking every part of your system. We can live checking for errors or possible issues. Many of our clients simply do not suffer downtime as a result of partnership with us. This is fact which we are very proud of and strive to make the norm for all out clients.

The preventative measures implemented by our team are tailored and bespoke to each of our clients, depending on exactly what they want from the IT, and how they want to progress as a company. We always engage in roadmapping and future planning with our clients. This ensures their investments in IT are maximised to ensure best value. It also enables planning for multi-tiered disaster recovery to make your solution as robust as possible.

All of this is done by our Engineering team, which has over 50 years experience resolving IT issues, with each having a specialist subject meaning you are guaranteed not to be dealing with a jack-of-all-trades. Live Systemcare gives us the ability to assign key roles to specialists, to minimise the time spent on any issue and get our clients back on track as soon as humanly possible.