Aquilatec Armour

With metrics as strong and leading as ours, the questions we are asked most is “How does Aquilatec achieve such good results?”.


The answer to this question is found in our Aquilatec Armour system: We manage, distribute and maintain all of the services we offer ourselves. We host our own Antivirus, Managed Online Backup, VoIP, Internet Lines, Data Sharing systems, Hardware procurement, Email services, and many more.

We call this Aquilatec Armour. It gives us complete control over the systems we offer and allows us an unprecedented ability to foresee and resolve problems. We make every part of your business’ armour in house, making sure it fits and operates smoothly and fluidly, rather than having mismatched pieces, or gaps where danger can slip through. Our systems make sure your business is protected as comprehensively as possible, with us able to act as your single point of contact for any IT issues you could experience.


Security Bear

IT security can be a hard thing to keep track of.

With hundreds of new viruses being made every day, each with the express purpose of either stealing, copying or damaging your data, how can you keep your business safe? At Aquilatec, the security of our clients systems is paramount.

Connectivity Turtle

Staying connected is a vital part of today’s business economy.

You need access to your company data on the move, in the office and out of the country. Aquilatec’s services insure you can access your data, safely, from anywhere.

Foresight Eagle

“It works fine” is no longer good enough when it comes to IT.

Having a system that reacts to issues when they arise worked in the past, but now companies have to look ahead to beat trends before they emerge. Our preventative system means that we can catch up to 70% of problems before they affect you, your employees or your work.

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