Bring Your Own Device

Do you want technology freedom? Its likely that you provide your employees with a smart phone or tablet, or they have their own from which they want to access company systems. But how do you secure and manage them? Do you leave it up to the users to update, do you allow them to install whatever apps they like? What if their device was lost or an employee should leave your organisation?
No longer can you be expected to work only on one device in one location but likewise you don’t want your data getting lost or falling into the wrong hands. Aquilatec can help users securely access relevant aspects of your IT systems from any device. This can enable you to work in your own way but without causing you management headaches. With the right tools, we can make sure that your company data can be accessed from anywhere by the right people whilst always remaining secure.

On top of traditional device management tools, below are some of the applications which can help make this a reality for you.

Remote Apps – we can deliver any application to any device. Do you have a custom database which only runs on Windows? We can make this available on your iPad or Android tablets. You don’t even need to run servers in your office as we can use Microsoft’s Azure platform to host your apps, removing the reliance upon your own infrastructure. Whether an application is hosted in the cloud or from servers in your offices, by publishing applications to users, you can also make sure your data never leaves your organisation, while giving users the same experience that they’d have if they were sat within your offices.

SharePoint – we can deliver powerful collaboration functionality using Microsoft’s SharePoint platform. We can configure secure areas for HR or Accounts etc. Maybe you just need somewhere to store documents which can be accessed from anywhere? Or you’d like to have multiple people work on the same documents at the same time? Perhaps you’d like to be able to see previous versions of a document? Or you may even need an approval process so that content doesn’t go out unless it gets your rubber stamp. SharePoint is very powerful and incredibly customizable. It can change the way you and your team work together and may well be the right tool for your entire organisation.

Work Folders – perhaps SharePoint isn’t the tool for you and you still need a traditional file server? No matter because with Work Folders, we can still get you secure access to your files from any location, even when you’re offline. Work Folders is a ground-up re-invention of Microsoft’s Offline Files tool. It is designed with user access and security at the very core.

Exchange Online – email is now the lifeblood of most organisations. Microsoft have taken their industry leading Exchange server product and made it a core component of their hosted Office 365 suite of applications and services. It has been extended to offer not only reliable email access, but the capability to have mailboxes far larger than most organisations could host on-site, and also adding online archiving, email security and compliance services too. If a 50 GB mailbox is not enough, how about an unlimited online email archive which you can access from any device, anywhere?