Internet access is now absolutely critical to the day-to-day running of your business. Getting the choice of connection right depends upon a number of factors, but it’s vital that it’s reliable and quick enough. A slow or unreliable internet connection will cost you both time and money. This means it’s important that you get the right speed and the right service commitments.
With more dependency on using the web (especially with cloud offerings increasing reliance upon connectivity) it’s important that your business has the right connection. But the choice of what’s on offer can be confusing. Why should you pay more for a business grade offering when home providers claim to have such high speed services? What’s the difference between Fibre to the Cabinet (sometimes called Infinity), and a leased fibre to your premises? Why are connectivity options in some locations (especially Central London) so limited? These are all perfectly valid questions, and we are happy to answer them for you so that you can be confident you’re making the right decisions.

Speak to us so that we can help you find the best broadband product for your business.

We offer the following business grade products:

Runs down a normal phone line, offering speeds of up to 20Mbps into your building, and 0.7Mbps out of your building. Can be delivered quickly, but has no real service commitment from the providers

Bonded ADSL
By bonding several ADSL lines together, we are able to increase access speeds and resilience. Not often used unless nothing else is available in the area as the low upstream speed of ADSL is a big limiting factor.

Fibre to the Cabinet also runs over a normal phone line and is a recent offering which can deliver speeds of up to 80Mbps into your building and 20Mbps out of your building. It’s great for small businesses, as it’s very cost effective. However, it should be backed up by an alternate service such as ADSL because it still has poor service commitment from the providers.

Fibre to the Premises is not common and can be confused for a leased line / leased fibre. The speeds that are available are typically 100Mbps both in and out of your building, but sometimes faster. This varies on a case by case basis.

Ethernet in the First Mile is a term coined by a number of connectivity options. Typically, EFM refers to a service delivered over bonded copper phone lines and can deliver speeds of up to 20Mbps. It’s a bit of a niche offering which tends to be used where leased fibre is difficult to obtain. While fairly resilient, it has a price premium and is not available in all areas.

Leased Lines and Leased Fibre
Leased Lines (delivered over dedicated copper wires) or Leased Fibre (a fibre optic run straight in to your building) deliver a dedicated connection to your internet provider. They give the highest speeds and levels of service. If you need speeds of between 10Mbps and 1000Mbps, or if you simply can’t afford down time, then this is the best option.

Installation times vary depending upon what’s available in your area and a number of other factors. However, Aquilatec can guide you through the process and deliver the service as quickly as possible.