IT Support & Maintenance

Aquilatec IT Support understands the responsibility clients place on us, the responsibility to ensure your information & communication systems are always available to keep your organisation running and productive.

Support-and-Maintenance-1Aquilatec have been industry leaders in embracing and utilising cloud technology for over 10 years. Be it in the development of hybrid cloud infrastructure, full SaaS solutions or the deployment of enterprise grade cloud storage, we provide a full range of IT Support solutions.

When it comes to support and maintenance, the cloud is our most powerful weapon, and it’s not just our email and phone systems which are cloud based. Our helpdesk and monitoring system are hosted in the cloud, too. These can all be accessed securely by our staff from any internet connected location, so home working is never a problem for us.

If we can’t get into the office for any reason, we are still able to respond quickly and continue supporting our clients without offering a compromised service as our business is protected against almost any disaster. We are able to carry on working with minimal disruption should our offices become unavailable for any reason.

Using the right tools in the right places, we are always available to support your business. Let us make sure your systems are just as robust as ours. Fill in the form below to start the discussion.


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