Pre-Paid Credits

Aquilatec are committed to providing the highest quality of technology support for our clients. We are clarifying our approach to support by making our helpdesk services available on a credit basis for our non-contract clients. We want to provide an equally effective and efficient service even if you don’t have a maintenance agreement with us. In order to do this, we have a popular pay-as-you-go service.

All non-contract clients are able to purchase pre-paid credits for engineer

– These can be purchased in blocks of 10 or more hours

– Because pre-paid credits last for 12 months, and can be used at any time in working hours

– Therefore this approach offers significant savings. Streamlining our procedures allows
us to cut our costs, and we pass these savings directly to you

– Time charged by the half hour for telephone support and by the hour for on-site visits

Pre-Paid Credits Pricing

Aquilatec offers two levels of support service to our non-contract clients: Standard rates apply for general support, such as assistance with desktops and printers. Senior rates apply for more advanced support, such as assistance with servers or networks.

Please contact us for details of our pre-paid credits as we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.