Pro-Active Monitoring

Does your IT support have the right attention to detail?

The best way to resolve any IT issues clients have is to make sure they never happen in the first place. Aquilatec have made significant investment to enable us to provide the best possible monitoring of our clients’ systems. Our helpdesk team is alerted when thresholds are broken which indicate that something may be going awry with your systems. Aquilatec monitors things like RAM usage, disk space and network bandwidth. We make sure our entire team is notified if your site goes offline.

We also closely manage patching of your servers and desktops alike, so you know your systems are secure and up to date. Aquilatec will even know if your Anti Virus software becomes out of date. We can monitor right down to individual memory sticks, fans or hard disks within a RAID array.

Not only do we monitor so many items in the background, but we actually take the time to make sure that we are notified properly. Should we see an alert for a backup or hardware failure, we take swift remedial action to make sure that we fix problems identified in order to prevent a single item failure from leading to a full system outage.

Most managed service and support providers only dream of having such detailed information. Are you confident that not just your servers but all your workstations and laptops are up to date?

Let our monitoring tools perform an audit on your business. Talk to us about how we can help assess the health of your IT systems.