Hybrid Solutions

While the Cloud provides a near utopian model of working for most organisations, some will find a hybrid solution the best way of working, or a good first step into the Cloud.

Simply put, hybrid means that some of your IT “stuff” will be on premise, and some will be hosted in the Cloud.

For example, a hybrid approach tends to work well for organisations who use a lot of large files – designers, producers, architects etc., as moving large files over even a fast internet connection can be cumbersome. In this sort of case, we’d likely see a couple of servers on premise to deliver the file sharing capabilities, with things like email and telephony hosted up in the Cloud.

A hybrid solution may also mean that you still have everything hosted in your own offices, but just want to back up to a cloud provider who can safeguard your data in the event of a disaster locally.

Choosing the right balance of “what goes where?” is absolutely critical to the success of any implementation, and Aquilatec have many years of experience in this regard. Please give us a call to discuss how Cloud services can help you grow.

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