System security is vital to protect your investment, breaches of systems can cause data loss or downtime.  Even breaches of individual machines can decrease productivity for a single using which costs your business money.

Our goal is to deliver great products and services, and make sure our clients are happy. We appreciate that you want to focus on running your company without having to worry about security. With security threats on the rise and becoming more sophisticated by the day, it’s more difficult yet more important than ever to ensure your critical business assets are secure. To do this, you need a solution that secures all laptops, desktops and servers without slowing down your systems, whilst keeping everything protected whether you’re working from the office or elsewhere.

Physical security:

The gateway to any network is the usually the firewall so its vital the right equipment is installed with best practice setups.

For small businesses we recommend using DrayTek devices which provide great functionality for a reasonable price.  Aquilatec are DrayTek Advanced Networking Partners meaning you can have confidence in our solutions.

For clients who require enterprise level security we believe CISCO is the best fit, as worldwide leaders in networking and security with generations of experience a CISCO appliance is peace of mind.

For unparalleled simplicity you need CISCO Meraki, fantastic cloud managed security, network (including WiFi) devices.  Developed by ex MIT employees!

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Software security:

A virus has the potential to cause catastrophic damage to your business in minutes; luckily we can provide you with protection just as quickly. Symantec offers smaller businesses a simple and effective solution that protects you against viruses and malware, and can be set up almost instantly. There is no need to install additional hardware, or provide any additional training to your staff.

This is a cloud-managed service, meaning it operates seamlessly in the background without disrupting your work. It also means it can be deployed across all the technology within your company, be it laptops, desktops or servers. You will always have the latest protection because updates happen automatically. All of this protection doesn’t have to drain your finances; there is a simple subscription fee that fits into any budget.

Although we do recommend deploying a cloud-based system, there is an on-premise management option available if your company is not yet ready to take that step. You can switch later to the cloud-managed service – without incurring any additional costs – when the time is right for you. This gives you fantastic flexibility if your business is currently expanding, and future-proofs your investment.

Web security:

Why would you leave your data, or more importantly your customers’ data, only guarded by a single layer of protection?

MAX Web Protection provides an additional layer of security by automatically blocking bad URL’s and IP addresses using a constantly updated database of over 460 million web addresses and 740 million IP addresses.

Many zero-day viruses come from the same source as the last variant so MAX Web Protection can block those viruses and malware before they are detected by traditional antivirus software…and our solution is up and running in minutes.

MAX Web Protection Features:

– Added layer of security
– Different from AV, source based vs. signature based
– Blocks harmful malware at the source
– Blocks phishing sites to keep company and employee data safe
– Blocks inappropriate sites on work computers
– Home/parental controls
– Management control over access to non-work websites
– Monitoring and reporting of web usage and abuse
– Agent based so it follows the device
– Remote installation reduces time and cost to deploy
– Schedule filtering for “employee-friendly” after hours usage of devices
– Find devices abusing download and streaming access

MAX Web Protection Helps You:

– Protect Your Data
– Protect Your Business
– Protect Your Employees

Contact us today about how we can add additional layers of security and protection to your company and its employees.


Backup redundancy shouldn’t mean using two solutions. The hybrid cloud architecture empowers you to manage both local and cloud-based backup and recovery in one solution all from the comfort of your office, making the job of backup up easier and allowing you to focus on your clients.

– Protect your physical and virtual machines (VMware & Hyper-V)

– Backup at a file, application or machine level

– Protect files and folders, Exchange, MS SQL, MySQL, system state and network shares

– Upload and download bandwidth throttling