VOIP / Hosted Telephony

Get the feature rich VoIP service your business needs to communicate freely and save yourself some money at the same time.

What is VoIP?
Rather than using a traditional fixed phone line, hosted phone systems or VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) use the internet to make phone calls. Our offering is hosted in the cloud, rather than at your office. This significantly reduces initial investment and ongoing maintenance costs, and means your system is protected from any internal issues at your company. VoIP can be used in conjunction with fixed handsets or softphones such as on a PC or mobile device, and gives you the power to unify fixed and mobile communications so that businesses with multiple sites or home workers are all connected to the same phone system.

What benefits does VoIP offer for business?
Two-thirds of businesses switch to VoIP in order to reduce the costs of local and international calls, which are often significantly cheaper. It can provide many additional call handling features far more cheaply than traditional phone systems, which can eliminate costly additional charges and increase productivity. For example, call recording is often a costly optional extra in standard phone systems, but is far better value when incorporated with a VoIP system.
VoIP provides an integrated and easy to manage unified phone system, which is particularly beneficial for a geographically dispersed workforce. Users can remotely access the system from their mobile device; this can be done easily through mobile apps from anywhere with an internet connection.

Using Aquilatec broadband in conjunction with VoIP is the perfect blend, as our systems are optimised for traffic. We understand hosted telephony and how to integrate this into your existing technology.

We offer a free comparison on your current charges. Give us a call and we can run through the savings and features available to your business.