Bespoke IT Support

Aquilatec specialise in delivering cost effective, reliable and efficient IT solutions so that you can spend time on your business and not on fixing IT.

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IT support for businesses in London

We are an IT solutions and support provider, based in North London. We specialise in delivering cost effective, reliable and efficient IT solutions to our clients who are typically small and medium businesses and charitable organisations based in and around London. By focussing on a core set of IT solutions for our clients we have proven we can meet the needs of even the most demanding businesses.

Whether your IT systems are based in-house or cloud hosted servers and applications, or as we often see, a combination of the two, we have the right tools to monitor, manage and protect your IT systems and data. We always make sure that your IT systems and data are available for your users and are backed up in case of a disaster.

If you would like to find out how we can help refine and improve your IT systems, as well as understand how we can be the breath of fresh air that you need for IT support, please get in touch with us.

Our IT services in London

Our team of IT experts can provide you with a complete out-sourced IT department or augment the skillsets of an existing in-house team. We work with clients who want us to provide ongoing support to the solutions we offer, because this allows us to deliver the high levels of service that we pride ourselves on. Our focus is on providing the right solutions and advice to meet your operational needs.

We are Microsoft Gold Partners. This is recognition of the skills we have in delivering and supporting Microsoft IT solutions. We also partner with VMware

Who are Aquilatec, and why should you choose us?

Our whole team of IT experts aim to provide your business with the same quality of IT solutions and support that you would normally only find in a large corporation with a big budget. We pride ourselves on our affordable IT services and high quality of support.


Fast & effective IT support

Our IT services provide the most effective monitoring possible of our clients’ IT systems


Act as your IT department

Acting as your IT Department we provide efficient IT support to maximise your productivity.


Monthly reporting

Our team provide detailed monthly IT reports showcasing all activity on your account.


Proactive maintenance

Our IT engineers proactively resolve problems, minimising any disruption to your systems.

Meet your outsourced IT team

Aquilatec was founded in 2005 by Oliver Raine-Dunk and joined in 2015 by Joe Bailey who helped Oliver grow our engineering capability and refine our offering to clients. Oliver now looks after the operational side of our business and Joe heads up the technical teams. Our Financial Controller, Peter Dunk, has a wealth of experience in the business sector, having co-founded a successful publishing business and our Operations Director, Sarah Raine-Dunk, helps keep the team working together like a well-oiled machine.


Oliver Raine Dunk


Joe Bailey


Sarah Raine Dunk


Peter Dunk


James Stockwell

Why outsource IT for your business?

Small and Medium businesses often struggle to support their staff as they grow. Perhaps your systems were setup by someone who has now moved on, or the task of helping your growing team has just got too much for one person. As your IT needs grow, you may find that one person just doesn’t have the time to understand enough about all the systems that your business uses.

When Aquilatec look after your IT systems and support, we can bring in tools you’d simply not have access to, as well as skills that your business may not otherwise be able to afford. More hands make light work, after all.


How does the process work?

The process starts with a conversation to work out how best we can help you. That’s how we provide you with a fair price for your IT support needs. Once you’re happy, we get you setup on our systems and then we get you “onboarded”. This involves us getting on to each of your systems and making sure we have full access, plus that our monitoring and remote support tools are installed. We also add all of your staff to our systems, so we know who they are and how to contact them. We then get to know your systems inside out, and when we go live with your support your users can either call or email our helpdesk team, or we’ll call them if we spot any problems.

Step 1

Together with you, we decide on the best IT support for your business. We get to know the business and come up with the most effective solution for you.

Step 2

We get you setup on our systems. This means making sure we have full access to your IT systems, plus we’ll install our monitoring and remote support tools.

Step 3

Once we have access, the next step is to add all of your staff to our systems. This is done so we know who they are and how to contact them if needed.

Step 4

We then get to know your systems inside out, and when we go live with your support your users can either call or email our helpdesk team 24/7.

Are you ready to outsource your IT?

We pride ourselves on having happy customers, and we are determined to provide the best levels of support we can, consistently.

If you’re in need of a friendly and knowledgeable team to help with your IT systems, please get in touch.


This depends on what systems you have. In many cases, this is a great operating model. However, some older applications aren’t yet ready for the cloud, so you may still need a server in your offices. Aquilatec can help you design the most effective solution, be that entirely cloud based or a hybrid setup with some on-prem and some hosted services.
We believe in playing to our strengths. Most of our customers have phone services from another provider, but we work hand in hand with them to make sure your network is ready and you understand what they’re asking.
Yes. We partner with a business ISP called ICUK and are able to provide all types of connectivity, from slow ADSL to lightning fast fibre leased lines, with everything in between.

When Aquilatec provide your internet connection, we are able to fully manage the service. No more waiting on hold to your internet provider with them asking for check after check. We can run almost all line tests and even book you an OpenReach engineer, should the fault require that. Typically, we can diagnose a fault and have an engineer booked for you within a few minutes of identifying the problem. If the problem is more tricky to resolve, we will keep you fully informed.

If internet up-time is mission critical, we can provide highly resilient connectivity using backup lines of various types, from different carriers
We have staff in two main locations: Crouch End in North London, and Cape Town in South Africa. Obviously, our SA staff don’t visit clients, but they’re there on the phone, ready to provide the support you need, when you need it.
We ask our customers how we’ve done following each and every support request that we complete for them. If we don’t score more than 4 out of 5 in the questions we ask (where 1 is the worst we could have done and 5 is the best), then our Directors are notified immediately. They then look into the matter, how we’ve handled it, and how we could have done better. We want every member of your team to be genuinely delighted with the service we provide. We will always work to make sure that’s the case.
We don’t want to replace anyone, but even if you do have a dedicated IT resource in-house, you may well find that they simply can’t do everything, or are not motivated to provide end user support, be that because there aren’t enough hours in the day, or because they simply haven’t had exposure and training for some of the systems you’ve started to use. We can, of course, provide your entire IT maintenance and support function, but we can (and do) also work with in-house teams to extend their capabilities, as well as to take some of the more mundane tasks off their hands.
We use industry leading platforms to run our business, and we’re proud of the vendors we work with. There are two main systems that we use:

We have a Professional Services Automation (PSA) tool called AutoTask which is from Datto. This helps us keep track of all of our customers and handle their support needs.

We have a Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) tool called SolarWinds MSP. This helps us manage and monitor every single server, PC or Mac that our customers have, to make sure they’re running properly and to help spot and resolve any issues which may crop up – often before our customers notice.

These tools are industry leading in their respective fields, and they talk to each other too. If SolarWinds MSP picks up that a hard drive is about to fail, it makes sure that there’s a ticket in AutoTask for our engineers to work on.

Want help with your business IT?

Speak to an IT expert today. To book a free, no-strings consultation, leave your details with us here and one of the team will give you a call to see how we can help.